Why choose HOUSE INVEST when selling a property?

A team of experts.
Sale of real estate Conducting successful negotiations and bring the best prices requires knowledge and skills. Our group of experts has years of experience and proper training in the real estate industry.
Reliable real estate valuation
We perform several valuations every week, which allows us to obtain realistic data on house prices in your location.
The strong position of Marketing
We invest in the best real estate advertising so that our clients their way to as many potential buyers.
We position our clients offer many marketing portals, create e-mail campaigns to get the best coverage of the market.
Excellent website House Invest has a modern website, visited by thousands of users per month.
Our website is used not only by individual customers but also developers who sell through us, we are the owners of real estate that I present the most www.oddewelopera.com.pl offers development of the real estate market in Lower Silesia.

Constantly modernize your page to fit the needs of customers and reach better suited to the customer offer the buyer.
Professional photography Professional pictures made by high quality equipment make it possible to expose the strengths of your property. Professionalism in this field gives us an advantage over less-presented property.
Attractive offers are the first step to increase interest in your property.

Flexible hours of meetings
A team of real estate brokers HOUSE INVEST offers flexible appointments, allowing hours of seeing, property matching your needs.