Cleaning Services - House Clean

House Clean is a professional cleaning service company in Lower Silesian cities. We work with both private and business individuals.

We execute a full package of services or single, so each order is individually valued.

The strongest sides of the company certainly belong to its employees as well as rich technical background, reliability and honesty.

Takes up every order, whether it is a form of a complex or a small service.

House Clean has specialized in:
- cleaning of flats and houses,
- work in the green,
- cleaning offices and commercial facilities,
- washing the paving stones
Cleaning services are carried out in Wroclaw, Legnica, Lubin and Świdnica.
Our staff come with their own equipment and cleaners.

We guarantee the quality of workmanship, safety and the best financial conditions.

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 House Clean Usługi sprzątające Legnica Wrocław Lubin