Our Offices

We are a real estate agency operating in Lower Silesia, our branches are located in Wroclaw, Legnica, Lubin and Świdnica.

Our team of advisers is qualified and experienced.
Each advisor is specialized in a particular real estate field.

Our real estate advisors are specialized in min. For sale Residential real estate, sale Commercial real estate, rent Residential and commercial real estate.

House Invest also provides financial advisory services for our clients to get the best mortgage terms.


Welcome to our offices:

WROCŁAW – ul. Lotnicza 20 ( obok CH Astra ) , tel. 501 300 080
LEGNICA – ul. Chojnowska 54 , tel. 510 630 900
ŚWIDNICA - ul. Westerplatte 9B, 730 20 30 90
LUBIN – ul. M.C. Skłodowskiej 92, tel. 510 630 900